Visit to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Are you going tot visit a Netherlands Ministry of Defence site? In this video we will show you what steps you need to take before your visit and what rules you must follow.

You are going to visit a Netherlands Ministry of Defence site in the near future. Security will be an important aspect. In this video, we will show you what steps you need to take before your visit, and what rules you must follow during the visit. This will help prevent any unexpected situations. 

Make sure that your escort has the required information, so that your visit can be registered correctly. A correct registration will reduce your waiting time at the gate. 

Let your escort know the precise time of arrival so they can be ready at the entrance gate. 

Upon arrival, first report to the guard to sign in. You will not gain access to the site without a valid identity document. 

Upon verification of your appointment and your identity, you will receive a visitor’s pass. This is issued individually and can not be given to anyone else. Visibly wear the pass. 

Security staff are authorised to search you upon your arrival and departure. 

Your escort is responsible for you during your visit. You must follow the instructions of your escort and security staff. 

Photography and filming are prohibited at Defence sites. If needed, you can apply for a photography and filming licence via your escort. 

The legally established traffic rules apply at Defence sites. You may be fined by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee if you violate these rules. 

Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas. 

If you hear the evacuation alarm, calmly go to the muster point or leave the complex and take your valuable belongings with you. The muster points are marked on the evacuation plan. During an evacuation, you will see several emergency response workers and evacuation coordinators. Upon arrival at the muster point, await their instructions. This applies during all emergencies. 

Current laws and regulations apply at Defence sites. This includes safety regulations. Action will be taken against anyone violating them. You may be denied access to the site, or be reported to the police. 

If additional rules apply at a specific site, your escort will inform you about them. 

At the end of your visit, your escort will take you back to the gate. Here, you return your visitor’s pass to the guard. 

If you have any questions about this video or your visit, please contact your escort.