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Organisation chart Royal Netherlands Army

Organisation chart Royal Netherlands Army.

Publication | 12-10-2017

Order of the day - Admiral Rob Bauer

Colleagues, It feels almost surreal to be speaking to you here – today – as the new Chief of Defence. Minister Hennis and General ...

Publication | 05-10-2017

Order of the day

Chief of Defence General Tom Middendorp resigned from his post this evening. He followed the example of Minister of Defence ...

Publication | 04-10-2017


MAR-OPS 4 - Military Aviation Requirements Operations 4: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Operations (>150kg).

Publication | 20-07-2017

Block for chart 1809.5 - NtM 225/17

In position approx. 51-53,85 N 004-21,60 E . (Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 20-07-2017

MAR-OPS 5 (new version 20 July 2017)

MAR-OPS 5 - Military Aviation Requirements Operations 5 (new version 20 July 2017): Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations (<150kg).

Publication | 20-07-2017

Adaptive Force

On 15 June 2017, the ‘From Defensive to Adaptive’ in The Hague. The event was a working conference dedicated to the Adaptive ...

Publication | 15-06-2017

Authorisation form for travelling abroad with a minor

Do you intend to travel abroad with a child over whom you do not have parental authority? Please use this form to prove that the ...

Form | 12-06-2017

General Security Requirements relating to Defence Orders (ABDO) 2017.

This document contains de general security requirements relating to Defence orders (2017).

Policy note | 01-06-2017

Corporate brochure DPO: Fueling Your Wings

The brochure 'Fueling your Wings' of the Defence Pipeline Organisation (DPO). The DPO transports aircraft fuel to military and ...

Leaflet | 01-06-2017