Elderly Knight of the Military Order of William ‘rediscovered’

It has recently become known that there are not seven, but eight Knights in the Military Order of William still alive today. At the commemoration of the liberation of Venray on 18 September 2011, Major Kenneth G. Mayhew was ‘rediscovered’, more or less by chance. In an interview with the veteran, the Defensiekrant (Defence News Weekly) of 3 November 2011 reported that the now 94 year-old Ken Mayhew is in excellent health.

Since then, the ‘modern’ decorations belonging to Knights of the Military Order of William 4th Class, have been presented to Mr Mayhew. Colonel G.J.C. Slots (retired) travelled to England on behalf of the Royal Association of the Knights of the Military Order of William to make the presentation. "We are of course delighted that we have found him", remarked Colonel Slots. Contact had been lost with Mr Mayhew, a reserve of the Suffolk Regiment, in the mid-1970s, after which it was thought that he had passed away.

Meeting of Knights

Mayhew himself is looking forward to meeting the other Knights of the Order. In full, the eight Knights of the Military Order of William are: Edward S. Fulmer (United States, 1919), Kenneth G. Mayhew (United Kingdom, 1917), Frits den Ouden (1914), Albert Hoeben (1920), Cornelis van den Hoek (1921), Pierre Louis baron d’Aulnis de Bourouill (1918), Giovanni Hakkenberg (1923) and Marco Kroon (1970).