New all-terrain vehicles for Defence

Over the coming years, a large part of the all-terrain vehicles in use with the Netherlands armed forces will be replaced by the Volkswagen Amarok DC 103kW. In the course of 2014 and 2015, the current Mercedes Benz and Land Rover all-terrain vehicles will be replaced by a total of 1,667 new pickup trucks. The Defence Materiel Organisation signed a contract for the vehicles with the Dutch firm Pon on 5 December.

By opting for this Volkswagen model, the armed forces will be reducing the current broad range of vehicles for peacetime operations to 1 basic type of pickup truck. The vehicles currently used for regular transport, exercises and national operations by the military personnel of the Royal Netherlands Army, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee are mainly Mercedes Benz all-terrain vehicles. The Marine Corps will also trade in its Land Rover Defenders for Amaroks.