A look at the Defence news 9 – 15 January

This week, Minister of Defence Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Chief of Defence General Tom Middendorp visited Dutch special forces personnel at the Casualties Collection Point (CCP) near to the Iraqi city of Mosul. A look at the Defence news of 9 – 15 January.

Photo caption: Middendorp and Hennis at the Casualties Collection Point.
Photo caption: Middendorp and Hennis at the Casualties Collection Point.

Every day, many Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers, who have been wounded, some seriously, in the fight against ISIS for the city of Mosul, are taken to the CCP. Dutch special forces medics are advising and assisting their Iraqi colleagues on the treatment and evacuation of casualties.

Largest army exercise in years on track

This week, trains carrying military materiel have been arriving in Poland for Exercise Bison Drawsko. About 3,600 Dutch military personnel are set to take part in this army exercise, which is the largest in years. Together with over 900 military personnel from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Estonia, Poland and the United States, they will be part of a brigade-sized unit under command of Brigadier General Jan Swillens, Commander of NLD 43 Mechanised Brigade.

Defence more flexible with the Adaptive Armed Forces

Minister of Defence Hennis-Plasschaert has sent a letter to the House of Representatives regarding the introduction of the Total Force Concept, known in the Netherlands as the ‘Adaptive Armed Forces’. In the letter, the Minister sets out how the armed forces will cooperate on a flexible and sustainable basis with commercial companies and organisations.

In the Adaptive Armed Forces, the Defence organisation will, for example, no longer have all capabilities at hand within the organisation itself, but will have personnel and materiel available to it when and where necessary. This more flexible set-up of organisational management will help deal with peaks in activity and ensure that sustainment can be increased relatively quickly. Above all, Defence will no longer need to permanently have every specialism available in-house.