A look at the Defence news 18 - 24 July

The first reconditioned PC-7 training aircraft landed at Woensdrecht Air Base on 19 July 2017. All of the 13 aircraft of the Elementary Military Pilot Training will be reconditioned by the Swiss manufacturer Pilatus before the end of 2018.

PC-7 training aircraft.
The first reconditioned PC-7 training aircraft.

Training aircraft goes digital

The most visible modification is the replacement of analogue meters with digital screens. This digital cockpit, as it is known, provides aspiring pilots with an environment that is more in line with 5th generation air force helicopters and aeroplanes, improving the training value of PC-7 flights.

The major reconditioning also includes no fewer than 16 improvements to the frame, significantly extending the service life of the aircraft. The modernisation of the PC-7 means instructors will be retrained and the training programme will be adapted to include the new systems of the aircraft.

Ministry of Defence supports International Four Days’ Marches for the coming five years

The coming five years, the Ministry of Defence will continue to support the International Four Days’ Marches in Nijmegen. On 19 July, Secretary-General Wim Geerts signed the cooperation agreement.

In view of its limited financial means and human resources, the Ministry of Defence is critically assessing requests to support events. Geerts believes these marches with their military origins are very much in line with the Ministry of Defence. “During the International Four Days’ Marches important key values come to light, such as perseverance and team spirit,” Geerts explained. “The Ministry of Defence and the International Four Days’ Marches in Nijmegen have strong ties and cooperate closely.”