A look at the Defence news 18 – 25 September

The patrol vessel HNLMS Zeeland is providing disaster relief to Dominica. This island, like Sint Maarten, is one of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. The relief was provided at the request of the Dominican government, in response to the devastation hurricane Maria left in its wake.

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Previous deployment of the Zeeland NH90 on-board helicopter on Sint Maarten.

Zeeland’s remit is to assess the damage, carry out medical evacuations and bring relief supplies to the island. Zeeland’s NH90 on-board helicopter has already taken its first reconnaissance flight. During the flight, four casualties were found at the airport, two of whom had sustained severe injuries. The helicopter flew the casualties to hospital immediately.

Kramer appointed as new commander of the navy

Vice Admiral Rob Kramer is the new Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy and Admiral Benelux. Today, he succeeded Lieutenant General (Marines) Rob Verkerk, who, to his surprise, was awarded the royal decoration Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau with Swords.

During his career, the new Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Rob Kramer, has mainly held operational positions on board frigates and with the Mine Countermeasures Service. “My three spearheads,” commented Kramer, “are personnel, personnel and ... personnel.” In his view, that calls for 3 things: a better balance of activities, greater perspective by taking a more individualistic approach to personnel, and greater room for manoeuvre by getting rid of unnecessary rules. “This will be my mindset as I set to work over the next few years.”