A look at the Defence news, 9 – 15 October

The coalition partners of the VVD, CDA, D66 and the Christen Unie presented the coalition agreement entitled ‘Confidence in the future’. An important element of the section on Defence is that the government will gradually increase the Defence budget to 1.5 billion euros per year.

NATO forces conduct airmobile exercise

Airmobile operations above the American exercise terrain of Hohenfels in Germany are a key element in the NATO exercise Swift Response. This training by units from NATO member states is intended to lift cooperation to a higher level.

Russia has taken an interest in Benelux airspace

  The Russian Federation conducted an unarmed military Open Skies observation flight above the Benelux and Germany. The Treaty on Open Skies allows participating countries the opportunity to conduct military flights in each other’s air space, under strict conditions, to observe the territory.

Netherlands Chief of Defence: the law of war is the moral compass for military personnel

During the conference on the Humanitarian Law of War hosted by the Dutch Red Cross in The Hague, the new Netherlands Chief of Defence (CHOD), Lieutenant Admiral Rob Bauer, said that the international humanitarian law of war is the moral compass of Dutch military personnel. The CHOD added that this also applies outside conflict areas, and in the event of non-compliance by the opponent.