A look at the Defence news 30 October – 5 November

The Multinational Caribbean Coordination Cell has been disbanded. Over the past few weeks, the unit was responsible for ensuring that huge amounts of food and materiel arrived as quickly as possible either via air or sea in the hurricane-hit Leeward Islands.

Navy recovers cocaine from sea

HNLMS Zeeland of the Royal Netherlands Navy has recovered 600 kg of cocaine from the Caribbean Sea. The drugs had been thrown overboard by the 3-man crew of a go-fast boat, who had understood that they were under close observation. The trio and the contraband were handed over to the local authorities on Curaçao yesterday.

Senior generals visit NATO Article 5 exercise

In early November, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the Commanding General of United States Army Europe, 7 commanders of the armies of NATO Member States and the most senior Swedish army official paid a visit to Exercise Vital Sword, which is being conducted in Wildflecken in Germany.

1 German - Netherlands Corps is at the helm of the exercise, in which the German Division Schnelle Kräfte (DSK) and 1. Panzerdivision are receiving training in large-scale warfare every fortnight during October and early November.