A look at the Defence news 8 – 13 January

In support of the ground troops, the Dutch F-16s stationed in Jordan attacked an ISIS position near the city of Abu Kamal in the province of Dayr az Zawr in eastern Syria.

Belgium is monitoring Benelux air space

Until the end of August, Belgian F-16s will be monitoring the air space of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Belgium and the Netherlands are taking it in turns to carry out this joint task. The current rotation is operating from Florennes Air Base.

Middendorp appointed aide-de-camp extraordinary by the king

King Willem-Alexander has appointed Tom Middendorp as aide-de-camp extraordinary. He was appointed for his services to the Netherlands armed forces.

Eindhoven is guinea pig for new de-icing system

Eindhoven Air Base has a new sensor for measuring the condition of the runway surfaces. The MARWIS system makes it possible to dose the grit better. It is a trial.