A look at the Defence news 3 – 8 April

Dutch F-16s supported ground troops in Iraq and eastern Syria in 8 missions. No weapons were deployed against the ISIS terrorist organisation. (This was reported in the 28 March – 3 April weekly review of Defence operations.)

International meeting on veterans care

15 countries were represented at an international conference on healthcare for veterans held in Amsterdam. The conference was organised to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Landelijk Zorgsysteem voor Veteranen (National Care System for Veterans).

German air defence unit under Dutch command

  The German air defence unit Flugabwehrraketengruppe 61 was placed under the command of the Netherlands Defence Ground-based Air Defence Command (DGLC). This happened at the Vredepeel barracks. The German unit will remain located in Germany.

Defence organisation exchanges drivers with transport company

The Netherlands Defence organisation and the international transport company DSV will start exchanging personnel. This means that the army can make use of DSV drivers whenever required. Likewise, DSV can benefit from the assistance of military personnel.