A look at the Defence news 1 - 7 May

The Royal Netherlands Army will be introducing new CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) reconnaissance vehicles. In due course, these will replace the Fuchs armoured wheeled vehicles. The Defence organisation is also acquiring a new simulation system for realistic and efficient combat training of military personnel, as the current mobile combat training centre has nearly reached the end of its service life. In addition, tiny Black Hornet drones will be procured for reconnaissance units and for the Marine Corps.

A soldier with a Black Hornet in his hand.
A Black Hornet.

The Royal Netherlands Navy will be obtaining several new ships over the coming years, including a second supply ship. The navy is also going to replace both its multi-purpose frigates  and six mine countermeasure vessels.

Armed forces commemorate both within and outside national borders

The Netherlands armed forces participated in the national Remembrance Day ceremony in Amsterdam, commemorating Dutch victims of the Second World War, war situations and peace-keeping operations. Military personnel from all services of the armed forces took part in commemoration ceremonies in other parts of the country, as well as abroad and at sea.

State Secretary aims to involve more countries in European defence reinforcements

At an informal EU meeting of Defence Ministers in the Bulgarian city of Sofia, State Secretary Barbara Visser called for the involvement of third countries in new initiatives to reinforce European defences. Visser, who was standing in for the Minister, was alluding to countries such as Norway, Canada, the United States, Switzerland and, in future, the United Kingdom.