A look at the Defence news 29 May - 4 June

The Royal Netherlands Army has finally acquired the Kodiak engineering and mine clearance tank.

Kodiak engineering and mine clearance tank.

Kodiak engineering and mine clearance tank.

The Kodiak is a multifunctional, larger-than-life toolbox to be used by the armoured engineers. The vehicle is capable of using its heavy-duty tools to force an entry or to erect protective constructions, if necessary under threat of enemy fire. The vehicles are yet to be fitted with a recently developed driver’s periscope meant for driving in poor visibility conditions such as at night. The Netherlands procured the tanks in cooperation with Sweden, the former purchasing 10 systems, the latter 6. German firm Rheinmetall Landsysteme developed the Kodiak together with Swiss technology company RUAG.

RNLA hoping to identify 103 war victims

Field of Honour Loenen is the final resting place for 103 still unidentified victims of war. Together with the Netherlands War Graves Foundation, the Royal Netherlands Army Recovery and Identification Service (Bergings- en Identificatiedienst Koninklijke Landmacht, BIDKL) will carry out research into the identities of the ‘Loenen 100’ over the coming years. The first unnamed grave was recently opened, with the rest to follow in due course. Modern techniques such as DNA research allow remains to be finally identified. This identification does, however, depend on family members of the deceased coming forward. Most of the unidentified individuals lost their lives in the Netherlands during the war or while performing hard labour in Germany.