A look at the Defence news 25 June – 2 July

Dutch F-16s supported ground troops in the fight against terrorist organisation ISIS during 6 missions. These actions took place over the Iraqi province of Al Anbar and the east Syrian province of Deir Al Zour. (This was reported in the 20-27 June weekly review of Defence operations.)

The Netherlands signs European military initiative

In Luxembourg, the Netherlands pledged its support to a European Intervention Initiative. This initiative facilitates improved military collaboration between countries in UN, NATO or EU contexts, and as part of coalitions.

Minister ratifies expeditionary force agreements

Netherlands Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten was in London this week to sign the Comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding with regard to the Joint Expeditionary Force. This multinational rapid response force, headed by the United Kingdom, is now fully operational.

Defence helps to make Sint Maarten ‘hurricane-proof’

A group of 18 military engineers has assessed the current state of vital infrastructure and industrial objects on the island. To this end, this military personnel joined the Royal Netherlands Navy’s 2018 Hurricane Exercise.