A look at the Defence news 31 July – 6 August

Using a flexible water bag (bambi bucket), a Chinook transport helicopter dropped almost 250,000 litres of water on an area of smouldering forest in Germany, just over the Dutch border at Venlo. As it was suspected that ammunition from the Second World War was still in the area, the German fire service could not enter the forest on the ground. Assistance from the Netherlands armed forces was therefore requested.

High-speed bike races at Woensdrecht Air Base

The Human Power Team reached 74 km/h on the VeloX 8 aerodynamic recumbent bicycle. The design by students of the Delft University of Technology and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam was tested at Woensdrecht Air Base. The ultimate aim is to break the world record, which currently stands at 121.8 km/h. The Netherlands Ministry of Defence working-student programme Defensity College is the principal sponsor of the Human Power Team this year.