A look at the defence news 25 – 30 September

The Royal Netherlands Air Force and US Strategic Command are to exchange space situational awareness (SSA) data or, in layman’s terms, information about the space domain. The two parties signed an agreement to that end on 25 September. Dependency on space-related systems is increasing owing to the transition to the 5th generation air force (with the F-35). The Royal Netherlands Air Force is part of the existing SSA data exchange programme along with 15 other nations, over 70 commercial parties, the European Space Agency and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

Russians look behind the scenes of the Dutch military

This week, a military delegation from the Russian Federation visited Exercise Falcon Autumn being conducted by 11 Airmobile Brigade in the framework of international arms control treaties. The visit was made in the context of confidence and security-enhancing measures. For two days, the members of the Russian delegation visited all parts of the Dutch exercise area to see the Dutch military at work with their own eyes. The visitors were especially interested in the scale of the exercise, the units taking part and their materiel. During Exercise Falcon Autumn, army units collaborated with air force units and military colleagues from Belgium and Germany.

Large-scale exercise in and over the Netherlands in full swing

In the coming weeks, Deelen Air Base is the home base for helicopters taking part in Exercise Falcon Autumn, which is being conducted in the central, eastern and northern regions of the Netherlands. A total of 20 helicopters and fighter aircraft are part of the exercise, with 2,200 military personnel taking part on the ground at 16 exercise locations, including civilian and residential areas. Only in this way can they train in realistic scenarios; the helicopters, for example, are flying at low altitudes and during the evening in order to train for night flying. Belgian and German military personnel are also taking part in the exercise, which concludes on 10 October.