A look at the Defence news, 1 – 7 October

Last week, a 29-year-old American passenger became aggressive during a night flight from Abu Dabi to Amsterdam. The plane was escorted by 2 F-16s and the suspect was overpowered by the crew and other passengers. On landing, the Marechaussee safely removed the suspect from the plane. Some passengers sustained minor injuries.

NATO meeting on Defence budget

The volatile security situation requires greater defence investments from the NATO member states. With a view to sharing the burden more evenly, the Netherlands needs to increase its defence expenditure. During the NATO meeting in Brussels this week, the ministers discussed the next steps. “New major steps need to be taken,” explained Netherlands Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten. “We are now almost halfway towards the 2024 deadline. But despite the extra investments we are still far off the agreed 2% of the gross national product. We are in fact lagging behind all the other countries.” One such step is the drafting of ‘credible national plans’. They must be completed by 31 December 2018.

Royal Netherlands Navy seizes 900 kilos of drugs

To the north of Aruba, patrol vessel HNLMS Friesland intercepted a boat carrying 900 kilos of cocaine. It was the result of a 7-hour-long pursuit in the night of Thursday 20 September. Stop signals and even warning shots from the NH90 on-board helicopter were not heeded. During the chase, those on board the boat threw the packages of drugs overboard. In the end, the on-board gunner of the helicopter disabled the outboard motors of the go-fast boat. Only then did the four persons on board give themselves up.