A look at the Defence news 5 – 11 November

Dutch F-16 aircraft supported ground troops in Iraq and eastern Syria. Weapons were deployed on four of the nine missions against terrorist organisation ISIS. This was reported in the weekly review of Defence operations (31 October - 6 November).

Artist impression combat support ship Zr. Ms. Den Helder.

Artist impression combat support ship Zr. Ms. Den Helder.

Team building European ministers of defence

Netherlands Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten attended the first meeting of the European Intervention Initiative (EI2) in Paris. This French initiative is intended to strengthen European military collaboration by developing a better understanding of each other. The Netherlands will host the meeting next year.

Combat support ship Den Helder the latest naval vessel

The Royal Netherlands Navy announced not only the design but also the name of the new combat support vessel to be built. It will be: HNLMS  Den Helder. This latest navy vessel sailed into the harbour of Den Helder in the form of a 3D animation last Friday.