A look at the Defence news 12 – 18 December

This was reported in the weekly review of Defence operations (12  – 18 December).

The Netherlands and Germany are to work together on the replacement of electronic support measures capabilities. Together with her German counterpart Benedikt Zimmer, State Secretary Barbara Visser signed a letter of intent to that effect. ESM equipment allows enemy radio communication to be detected, intercepted and assessed.

Capability-building mission in Iraq gets under way

The new NATO capability-building mission in Iraq has started. Two Dutch military advisors and 4 civilian experts are taking part in the 600-strong mission, which is aimed at strengthening the Iraqi security sector.

Minister visits expanded mission in Afghanistan

Last week, Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten visited Dutch military personnel in Afghanistan. The Netherlands recently expanded the number of Dutch military personnel taking part in the Resolute Support mission to 160. Special forces personnel, who will train and mentor a special Afghan unit, are the main additions to the mission.

Government finalises national plan for NATO

The government has approved the national plan for NATO. The plan states that the government will determine the allocation of extra funding from the national budget in the spring of next year. The intention to invest more in the Defence organisation will be part of the considerations.