A look at the Defence news 21 – 27 January

Dutch military personnel came to the rescue after an attack on UN soldiers north of Kidal in Mali. They evacuated wounded colleagues to medical aid posts in the Dutch camp in Gao. This was reported in the weekly review of Defence operations (16 – 22 January).

New patrol vessels for Dutch Caribbean Coastguard

The Dutch Caribbean Coastguard put the first 4 of a total of 12 Metal Shark Interceptors into service last week. The speedy patrol vessels are equipped with, among other things, a cabin, which helps to protect teams when working in bad weather.

Medal of merit for Canadian commander

Last week, the commander of the MINUSMA helicopter detachment, Colonel Chris McKenna, was awarded the Medal of Merit in bronze. He was awarded the medal for his efforts in supporting the Dutch Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Task Group.