A look at the Defence news 19 – 25 March

The multinational air defence exercise Joint Project Optic Windmill is currently being conducted at the Royal Netherlands Army’s Ground-based Air Defence Command in Vredepeel. It is the largest air and missile defence exercise in Europe. Participants train in a virtual battle space. This makes it possible to test the latest technologies and further develop concepts.

Royal Netherlands Navy seizes 500 kilogrammes of cocaine in the Caribbean

The Netherlands Defence organisation announced that HNLMS Zeeland intercepted a sailing vessel with about 500 kilogrammes of cocaine on board on 14 September. The seizure was made during a patrol in the Caribbean Sea. The US coast guard team aboard the Zeeland found the bales of cocaine. The confiscated drugs and the crew were handed over to the US Coast Guard.

Modernisation of the Chinook helicopter fleet has started

2 Dutch Chinook transport helicopters are currently being transported to the United States by ship, where the Chinook Foxtrots will be modernised into Foxtrot MYII CAAS (Common Avionics Architecture System). The helis were disassembled for transport at Woensdrecht Air Base.