A look at the Defence news 1 – 7 April

Until 12 April, fighter pilots from various countries are training for complex missions in an international context during Exercise Frisian Flag. Approximately 50 aircraft take off from Leeuwarden air base twice per day.

Dealing with realistic threats during Joint Warrior

“We are practising for how to deal with realistic threats. International cooperation is our main priority.” These were the words of the Commander of the Netherlands Maritime Force with regard to participating in Exercise Joint Warrior. The exercise is being conducted in the waters west of Scotland and will last until the end of this week.

NATO anniversary: 70 years of unity and solidarity

NATO celebrated its 70th anniversary on 4 April. Thanks to the Alliance, large parts of Europe and North America have been living in freedom and safety for 70 years. The Netherlands has been a member from the very first hour. Netherlands Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten emphasises that “for the Netherlands, NATO is and remains the cornerstone of our security policy.”

Coastguard aircraft strengthens Frontex border control

The Netherlands has supplied a Dornier coastguard aircraft to European border management organisation Frontex’s Operation Poseidon. The aircraft will conduct patrols over the Mediterranean until 15 April.