A look at the Defence news 20 - 26 May

In Wassenaar, State Secretary Barbara Visser spoke before executives of large American companies in the Netherlands and Dutch companies with interests in the United States.

She spoke of innovation being a common denominator, as well as the will to work together. She also spoke of Defence’s need for the capabilities of the members of the audience.

The Netherlands and Germany increasingly share military information

The Netherlands and Germany have intensified their collaboration in the defence domain. They will exchange more information regarding cyber and hybrid threats. Minister of Defence Ank-Bijleveld-Schouten and her German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen signed an agreement to this effect in Berlin.

Patrol ship seizes over 1,600 kg of cocaine

Last week, the patrol ship HNLMS Groningen seized over 1,600 kg of cocaine in the Caribbean. The seizure was a joint effort with an American coast guard team that was on board the Groningen.

Dutch trainers deployable all over Afghanistan

The German-Netherlands Special Operations Advisory Team (SOAT) may advise, assist and accompany the Afghan Territorial Force 888 in all parts of Afghanistan. This was decided by the government last week. The deployment of the Dutch units was restricted to northern Afghanistan. The same restriction was not in place for the German military.