A look at the Defence news 17 -23 June

The Netherlands Defence Doctrine (NDD) has been revised. The rewrite was instigated in order to address current developments in the global situation and current threat levels. The doctrine sets out the principles that underpin the deployment of the armed forces. The first copy was presented to Chief of Defence Admiral Rob Bauer on 19 June.

Increased demand for armed forces deployment requires careful consideration

In a letter to the House of Representatives, dated 19 June, ministers wrote that the Netherlands armed forces must retain sufficient flexibility for participation in unforeseen missions and operations in crisis situations up to and including 2021. However, extensive extra contributions to missions could have consequences for the other core tasks and the readiness of the armed forces. There is of course only one military organisation to cover all three core tasks – the protection of national and NATO territory, the promotion of the international rule of law and stability, and the provision of emergency aid during disasters and crises. Careful decision -making is required in the event of the extension of current obligations and possible new contributions to one of the three core tasks.

New tanker aircraft protected against heat-seeking missiles

The NATO Multi-role Tanker Transport (MRTT) unit’s A330 Airbus aircraft are being provided with high-quality defence against heat-seeking missiles. The 8 new aircraft of NATO’s tanker transport fleet, to be stationed at Eindhoven (5) and Cologne (3), will be equipped with the directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) self-protection system. The announcement was made on 17 June at Le Bourget aerodrome during the Paris Air Show.