A look at the Defence news 8 - 14 July

The wrecks of the submarines KXVII and O16 have disappeared. That was the message conveyed by the expeditionary team that visited the location of these war-time shipwrecks off the coast of Malaysia. The deployment of these experts followed from previously established cooperation agreements between the Netherlands and Malaysia, which were reaffirmed last week.

Enlarge image K XVII in European sea (archive, 1934).
Image: NIMH
K XVII (archive, 1934).

Treaty makes emergency assistance operations outside Kingdom more effective

The Netherlands will collaborate with the coordination forum for disaster relief in the Caribbean region, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency. This collaboration has been laid down in a Memorandum of Understanding. Prime Minister Leona Marlin-Romeo of St. Maarten signed on behalf of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Pathfinders land 2 Hercules aircraft on Danish beach

Pathfinders of the 11 Airmobile Brigade landed Dutch and Belgian C-130 Hercules transport aircraft on a popular Danish beach yesterday. The unit specialises in setting up improvised runways for aircraft, which can be of vital importance sometimes.

Bauer envisages improvements for UN military action

Netherlands Chief of Defence Admiral Bauer met with 65 counterparts at the United Nations in New York. He spoke about scarce capabilities for UN missions. He believes that training and the deployment of the right equipment should be assessed in order to improve UN operations. He also advocated for more women in the armed forces, and for diversity in the organisations.

Defence contributes to Quatorze Juillet celebrations

During the celebration of Quatorze Juillet in Paris, Dutch fusiliers were among the 4,000 military personnel on parade. The fly-past counted 40 helicopters and almost 70 aircraft, including a Dutch F-16.