A look at the Defence news 26 August - 1 September

The Boxer multi-role armoured vehicles have returned to service in Lithuania. In the recent past, some of these vehicles experienced issues with the hatch locking mechanisms, as a result of which all 197 Boxers in the Netherlands and abroad were taken out of service.

Een rij Boxer-pantserwielvoertuigen geparkeerd onder een afdak.
The Boxer Multi-role armoured vehicles in Lithuania.

New commander for the army

Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen accepted command of the Royal Netherlands Army from Lieutenant General Leo Beulen. The traditional military ceremony took place at Breda Castle.

Marechaussee ready to improve security in the Sahel

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee will be combating cross-border crime, terrorism and irregular migration in the Sahel as part of the European Union mission EUCAP Sahel Niger. Marechaussees visited the European Gendarmerie Force in Vicenza in preparation for their work in the West African country.

Certificates for the first Peshmerga instructors

The first Peshmerga fighters have successfully completed the Master Instructor course. 4 graduates received their certificates and badges. The new Master Instructors were trained by Dutch instructors.

EU ministers in Helsinki discuss climate change

The effect of climate change on world stability and security was extensively discussed during the European summit of defence ministers in the Finnish city of Helsinki. Changes in climate are increasingly leading to natural disasters and conflicts, which means the armed forces of the EU Member States are being called on more often.