A look at Defence news 14 - 20 October

The Netherlands is to extend its military contribution to the anti-ISIS mission in Iraq until the end of 2021. The same applies to the broader Dutch contribution to security in Iraq. This means that the current contribution will be continued in the coming 2 years.

Military World Games in China begin

The Military World Games have got off to a flying start in the Chinese megacity of Wuhan with President Xi Jinping in attendance. Approximately 10,000 top sportsmen and women from 105 countries are taking part in this variation of the Olympic Games, including 160 competitors from the Netherlands.  

4 ton Dutchbat truck for Potočari Memorial Center

The Potočari Memorial Center recently took receipt of a 4 ton truck, a donation from the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. The donation was an initiative by 5 Dutchbat veterans. The MoD and the veterans dressed the truck up to resemble one of the original trucks used in 1995: white, with UN in big black letters painted on the sides and on the tarpaulin of the truck.  

Support services assist American units to traverse the Netherlands

Two major American army units are currently traversing the Netherlands. The movement comprises 5,200 personnel, 85 Abrams battle tanks, 58 helicopters and hundreds of other vehicles and items of equipment. A large number of services from the Netherlands Defence organisation’s Joint Support Command are working behind the scenes to make the movement across Dutch territory possible.