A look at the Defence news, 21 – 27 October

Last week, the NATO ministers of Defence met for the first time since its member state Turkey invaded North Syria. The situation in North Syria was therefore the main topic on the agenda of the ministerial meeting.

Hawker Sea Fury-pilots Van Crugten, Hagdorn en Mulder in 1953.

Hawker Sea Fury-pilots Van Crugten, Hagdorn en Mulder in 1953. 

HNLMS Groningen seizes 857 kilos of drugs

Patrol vessel HNLMS Groningen recently coordinated a major drugs haul in the Caribbean. The haul comprised a total of 857 kilos. This operation took place on 1 October, but in the interest of the investigation Defence only made the news public last week.

Navy pilots finally awarded Korean war medal

After 66 years, 3 pilots of the Royal Netherlands Navy Air Arm have been awarded the Korean War Service Medal. The presentation was held in Rotterdam on board one of the vessels of the Cruise Training Task Group of the Republic of Korea.

Military World Games come to an end

A dazzling ceremony marked the end of the Military World Games in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The 150-strong Dutch delegation returned to the Netherlands with 4 medals in their suitcases: 3 gold and 1 bronze, all won by disabled athletes.