Part One of the standard work on the Eighty Years War now available in English

The Eighty Years War, which marked the birth of the Netherlands, was also the beginning of Dutch military history. The first part of Militaire Geschiedenis van Nederland, the standard work on the military history of the Netherlands, is now also available in English: `The Eighty Years War: From Revolt to Regular War, 1568-1648.’

The Eighty Years War explores the military puzzle of the Dutch Republic. When a revolt broke out in the Low Countries against the rule of the King of Spain, no one could foresee that it would ultimately lead to the partition of the Netherlands. Only the northern provinces had the military capabilities to stand their ground. They formed an independent republic that was increasingly able to withstand the might of Spain.

How did they achieve this? To answer that question, this study examines the operations of the insurgents’ army and navy against the military power of Spain. From the struggle for survival of the Beggars under William of Orange to the Battle of Nieuwpoort under Maurits and the resounding victory of Tromp in the Battle of the Downs, all these confrontations are discussed as a coherent whole in this, the first comprehensive military history of the Eighty Years War.

In theme-based chapters, it looks at the tactical military revolution in the army and navy, covering armaments, recruitment methods, and the organisation and financing of the armed forces. It also covers the always tense relationship between the soldiery on one hand and the civilian population on the other. Numerous illustrations, many of them unique, help to bring this past to life.

The Eighty Years War: From Revolt to Regular War, 1568-1648 is published by Leiden University Press. The hardback edition has 496 pages and costs €79.50

ISBN: 9789087283339