A look at the Defence news 21 – 28 April

HNLMS Karel Doorman has dropped off Dutch marines in Sint Maarten. They are being deployed to provide robust assistance on the island. This means that the military personnel will provide support in maintaining public order measures. In addition, around 20 personnel from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee are also providing assistance in Sint Maarten.

HNLMS Karel Doorman.
The arrival of HNLMS Karel Doorman at Sint Maarten.

2 experimental satellites form a Norwegian-Dutch observation post in space

The Netherlands and Norway are set to carry out a joint experimental satellite mission. The mission will focus on the development of 2 satellites that will orbit the earth in tandem formation.

Armed forces work together in the fight against coronavirus disease in the Caribbean

British, French and Dutch armed forces are working together in the fight against coronavirus disease (COVID19) in the Caribbean. To this end, the countries are coordinating their individual efforts from a joint, military coordination cell based on the French island of Martinique.