A look at the Defence news 29 June – 5 July

At the request of the authorities on Curaçao, Dutch military personnel will provide extra support over the coming period. The request is a response to recent disturbances. The unrest was caused by measures taken due to the economic crisis, which in itself was caused by coronavirus.

Militairen van de landmacht met verrekijkers kijken uit over de kust.
Dutch military guarding the coast.

Bijleveld speaks with Esper: unity remains most important weapon

The celebration of 75 years of liberation, agreements made within NATO, and many other matters were discussed in a telephone call between Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten and her American counterpart Mark Esper.

Airbus A330 MRTT arrives at home base in Eindhoven

The first new Airbus A330 MRTT has arrived at Eindhoven Air Base. Ultimately, 5 of these aircraft will be stationed here. They are part of the multi role tanker transport capability, a NATO aircraft pool that 6 European partners make use of.

American helicopter brigade

Until mid-August, Defence will be supporting the transportation of an American helicopter brigade. The brigade will be transported through the Port of Rotterdam to its home base in the US state Georgia. As part of the operation, 77 helicopters will fly from Eindhoven Air Base to Rotterdam.