A look at the Defence news 10 – 16 August

The 2nd Airbus A330 MRTT has arrived at Eindhoven air base. 5 of these aircraft will ultimately be stationed there. The aircraft are part of the Multinational Multirole Tanker Transport Capability, which is a NATO pool of aircraft involving 6 European nations.

Crashed NH90 helicopter located

The wreckage of the NH90 maritime combat helicopter, which crashed into the Caribbean Sea on 19 July, has been found. The Maritime Capacity Alliance, a public-private partnership, located the position of the aircraft. The Ministry of Defence will assess whether the wreckage can be recovered.

Dutch USAR team returns

The Dutch Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team has returned from Beirut. Over a number of days and using search and rescue dogs and equipment, the more than 60-strong team searched for missing persons under the rubble. The rescue workers found no casualties in the area designated to them, but were able to rule out the possibility of victims still lying undiscovered under the debris.

End of the war for whole of the kingdom commemorated

On 15 August, all military and civilian victims of the Japanese occupation in the Netherlands East Indies were remembered at the Netherlands East Indies monument in The Hague. The capitulation of Japan, which took place 75 years ago, was commemorated on National Remembrance Day. The Japanese surrender brought an end to the Second World War in South-East Asia and meant that the whole of the Kingdom of the Netherlands had been liberated.