A look at the Defence news 28 September – 4 October

The Dutch government is ready to assist Belgium with its deployment of F-16s against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The Belgian fighters will be based in Jordan and operate over Iraq and north-east Syria. Approximately 35 Dutch servicemen and women will carry out security duties for the Belgian F-16 unit.

A Dutch F-16 in Jordanie in 2018.
A Dutch F-16 in Jordanie in 2018.

9th Airbus A330 MRTT for international aircraft pool

NATO has ordered an extra Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) for the Alliance’s European aircraft pool. This will bring the total of this type of aircraft up to 9. These aircraft are capable of refuelling fighter aircraft, as well as other aircraft, while in flight.

‘Drugs hunter’ Groningen strikes again in the Caribbean

HNLMS Groningen has once again intercepted 2 drug shipments in the Caribbean Sea. The Royal Netherlands Navy ship confiscated more than 2,000 kilograms of drugs. These were the 4th and 5th drug hauls inside a month.  

Radios the first concrete step in German-Dutch connectivity

Sound and secure military communication and data connectivity are becoming increasingly important. That is particularly the case with foreign partners, as the Netherlands mainly operates in an international context. Spiral 0 is the first concrete step in secure interconnectivity with all mobile systems of our foreign partners (international interoperability). State Secretary for Defence Barbara Visser informed the House of Representatives about this intended project on 2 October.