A look at the Defence news 16 – 22 November

The Recovery and Identification Service of the Royal Netherlands Army has found human remains for the second time this month. The remains of a British soldier were found in Bemmel, in the province of Gelderland. He was probably killed in action during the fighting in September-October 1944.

During the recovery was also a riffle found.
During the recovery was also a riffle found.

Strengthening the rule of law in Aruba

Aruba and the Netherlands have come to an agreement regarding the third support package of 2020. The Dutch government is providing financial support and investing in the development of Aruba in exchange for reforms.

First Apaches shipped to the US for remanufacture

The first 3 Apache attack helicopters of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence have left the port of Antwerp by ship bound for the United States, where the AH-64Ds will be subjected to a so-called remanufacture. This process will take about 2 years. Over the coming years, all 28 MoD Apaches will be subjected to a full remanufacture and overhaul.

Australia publicises report on war crimes in Afghanistan

The Australian Defence Force has made public the investigation report into alleged war crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. The report shows that in 23 of the 57 cases investigated there is credible evidence that war crimes were committed. Australia has indicated that there was no Dutch involvement.

Military personnel to northern Iraq and Mali

The Dutch Council of Ministers has decided that 100 to 150 Dutch military personnel are to be deployed to northern Iraq to protect Erbil airport.

In Mali, a C-130 transport aircraft with crew and support personnel will strengthen the MINUSMA mission.