A look at the Defence news 14 – 20 December

The Dutch and German armed forces are further strengthening their ties. The 2 countries signed several agreements to that end on 18 December.

155 mm Pantserhouwitser 2000NL (PZH2000NL) self-propelled gun.
155 mm Pantserhouwitser 2000NL (PZH2000NL) self-propelled gun.

They will cooperate in the replacement of the Dutch air defence and command frigates and the German F124 Sachsen class frigates, for example. They will also join forces in searching for a new type of anti-tank weapon. Furthermore, they will cooperate in acquiring materiel to make offensive operations possible in the electromagnetic spectrum.

A day before, the 2 countries formally agreed to modernise the 155 mm Pantserhouwitser 2000NL (PZH2000NL) self-propelled gun. Germany will conclude the contracts for that purpose. The project will deal with the obsolescence of components and thereby ensure deployability until 2040.

Srebrenica relatives will be able to apply for compensation from March

Relatives of a group of refugees who died in Srebrenica will be able to submit applications for compensation from 1 March 2021. A desk will be established in Sarajevo for that purpose. The news was announced by Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, also on behalf of Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok, on 17 December.

Compensation projects for Hawija community to start in 2021

The repair of the electricity network is one of the compensation measures for the Iraqi city of Hawija. 2 organisations will also implement projects on behalf of the Netherlands to improve employment opportunities and essential infrastructure and to clear rubble. The projects will be implemented as voluntary compensation for the consequences of the force used by the Netherlands on the night of 2 to 3 June 2015, when a Dutch F-16 bombed an ISIS bomb factory.