Woensdrecht Air Base

Woensdrecht Air Base is the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s (RNLAF) main support base. The base houses 2 units. These units are responsible for training and education, meteorological support, logistics and maintenance for the entire Royal Netherlands Air Force and Netherlands Defence organisation. The RNLAF’s training aircraft are stationed at the air base, while other air bases and civilian users use Woensdrecht Air Base for training and maintenance purposes.

Units at Woensdrecht

The 2 Defence units based at Woensdrecht are: the Royal Netherlands Air Force Military School and the Woensdrecht Logistics Centre. An organisation known as the Air Base Organisation supports these units and is responsible for keeping the air base up and running.

Royal Netherlands Air Force Military School

The Royal Netherlands Air Force Military School (KMSL) provides training and instruction courses for Air Force personnel. The KMSL at Woensdrecht Air Base comprises 3 training squadrons and 1 squadron responsible for tasks on and around the air base.

Woensdrecht Logistics Centre

The second independent Defence unit based at Woensdrecht Air Base is the Woensdrecht Logistics Centre (LCW). The LCW carries out its logistic task for the whole Defence organisation. It is, for example, responsible for the maintenance and supply of F-16s and helicopters.