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A look at the Defence news 20 – 26 March

The main body of Dutch troops deployed as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Lithuania left the Netherlands last ...

News item | 30-03-2017 | 09:31

A look at the Defence news 6 – 12 March

Last week, Belgian F-16s responsible for the surveillance of the airspace of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg intercepted ...

News item | 15-03-2017 | 13:46

A look at the Defence news 20 February – 26 February

Last week, Dutch military personnel were in Uganda to give training courses to the Ugandan Battle Group. They provided courses in ...

News item | 01-03-2017 | 16:30

A look at the Defence news 13 February – 19 February

Dutch fighter aircraft now have permission to enter French airspace if they are escorting a civilian aircraft that could pose a ...

News item | 22-02-2017 | 15:41

A look at the Defence news 6 February – 12 February

‘From partnerships to ecosystems: combining our efforts for a more secure world’. This was the theme of the Future Force ...

News item | 15-02-2017 | 14:20

A look at the Defence news 30 January – 5 February (video)

Russia’s current attitude, terrorism, large migration flows, the impending scarcity of natural resources. These are all security ...

News item | 08-02-2017 | 10:49

A look at the Defence news 23 – 29 January

The Dutch F-16s protecting the airspace over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania intercepted an Antonov-26 Curl and a Sukhoi-24 Fencer ...

News item | 01-02-2017 | 15:23

A look at the Defence news 16 – 22 January

The Royal Netherlands Army and KPN have presented an innovative gadget: Milsenz, a small black ball that warns servicemen and ...

News item | 25-01-2017 | 11:32