The tasks of the Joint Support Command

Joint Support Command provides support to the entire Netherlands armed forces. This support is related to food, health care, building management, exercise areas, education and personnel services. By taking care of these matters, Joint Support Command enables the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marechaussee to focus on their principal tasks, namely operations at sea, on land and in the air, to promote peace and security.


Joint Support Command provides services to:

  • the Royal Netherlands Navy;
  • the Royal Netherlands Army;
  • the Royal Netherlands Air Force;
  • the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee;
  • the Materiel and IT Command;
  • the Central Staff;
  • other central government organisations.

Education and research

Joint Support Command also provides support to the Netherlands armed forces in the area of education, expertise and research, for example, through the Netherlands Defence Academy and the Netherlands Institute of Military History.

  • Netherlands Defence Academy

The Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA) provides the Defence organisation’s initial officer training and higher career education. It helps military and civilian personnel with developing leadership skills and language proficiency. The Netherlands Defence Academy also conducts scientific research for the Defence organisation and for society at large.

  • Netherlands Institute of Military History

The Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH) is a centre of expertise and research, specialised in Dutch military history. Its sphere of activities covers the history of the Netherlands armed forces from the period of the Eighty Years’ War to the present day. The NIMH manages a unique military-historical collection and makes it accessible to a wide audience. The institute also publishes scientific studies, provides education and organises lectures.