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The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Leaflet of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee: 'When the going gets tough'.

Leaflet | 28-02-2021

Visit to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Are you going tot visit a Netherlands Ministry of Defence site? In this video we will show you what steps you need to take before ...

Video | 15-01-2021

Curriculum Vitae Chief of Defence Admiral Rob Bauer

Curriculum Vitae of the Netherlands Chief of Defence, Admiral Rob Bauer. Since 5 October 2017, Bauer is the highest in rank ...

Publication | 25-08-2020

Corporate video Royal Netherlands Marechaussee: Making the difference

Corporate video about Royal Netherlands Marechaussee: Making the difference (november 2019).

Video | 01-11-2019

cv Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

The cv of the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Lieutenant General Hans Leijtens.

Publication | 03-09-2019

Small ports in the Netherlands

Overview of small ports in the Netherlands. This overview is divided into the regions Groningen, Friesland and Overijssel, Den ...

Publication | 21-05-2019

Organization chart of the Ministry of Defence

In this document you can find the organization chart of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. 

Publication | 01-11-2017

Authorisation form for travelling abroad with a minor

Do you intend to travel abroad with a child over whom you do not have parental authority? Please use this form to prove that the ...

Form | 12-06-2017

The rank insignias of the Netherlands armed forces

In this brochure you can find all the rank insignias of the Netherlands armed forces.

Leaflet | 19-12-2016

Registration form for crew members and passengers for recreational boating

Captains of vessels in recreational boating must submit the details of crew members and passengers to the Maritime Back Office ...

Form | 12-10-2016

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