Criminal Intelligence Team

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee’s Criminal Intelligence Team gathers information about serious crimes. Informants, individuals who secretly provide information, are the most important sources. The information obtained enables the Criminal Intelligence Team to prevent crimes and track down suspects.

Sharing information with the Criminal Intelligence Team

You can contact the Criminal Intelligence Team if you have information about a serious crime, such as:  

  • drug trafficking to and from the Netherlands;
  • people smuggling;
  • human trafficking;
  • drug couriers;
  • crimes that are occurring or have occurred at Schiphol or at other airports in the Netherlands;
  • crimes in which military personnel are involved.

You may not share information with the Criminal Intelligence Unit that you have shared with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee or police as a witness or in some other way.

Contact with the Criminal Intelligence Team

The Criminal Intelligence Team can be contacted on telephone number +31 (0)30 276 12 16. If you call this number, a member of the Criminal Intelligence Team will ask you to communicate, in brief, the information that you wish to share. If it is a case for the Criminal Intelligence Team, the team member will ask for your personal details and telephone number. The Criminal Intelligence Team will subsequently contact you to schedule a meeting. You will be able to discuss the information in detail during this meeting. If it is not a case for the Criminal Intelligence Team, you will be referred to the appropriate authority if possible.

Sharing information anonymously

From the outset, the interview that you have with the Criminal Intelligence Team is anonymous and strictly confidential. Your personal details will only be known to the Criminal Intelligence Team. In other words, your details will not be shared with others within or outside the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.


If the information that you provide leads to an arrest or seizure of items, you may be eligible for a financial reward. Rewards differ in each case. Statements regarding financial sums related to rewards are not made in advance.

Reporting a crime

As a member of the armed forces or traveller at a Dutch airport, you can report a crime to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. To do so, call 0800-1814. If you are abroad, call +31 88 958 18 14.