Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Mounted Brigade

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Mounted Brigade performs both operational and ceremonial tasks.

Operational tasks

The horse riders of the mounted brigade assist in maintaining public order and perform general police tasks. For example, they are deployed by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee to ensure that open days of the armed forces proceed in an orderly manner.

Ceremonial tasks

The mounted honorary escort forms part of the procession that takes place to mark the State Opening of Parliament. The escort consists of 34 riders in ceremonial dress and their mounts. The king may also ask the brigade to perform other ceremonial services on horseback, such as escorting ambassadors when presenting their letters of credence.


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Mounted Brigade was formed in 2002 for the wedding of King Willem-Alexander, at the time the crown prince, and Princess Máxima. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee was asked to provide a mounted honorary escort to accompany the newlyweds on their tour of Amsterdam.