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NLTides - HP33D (English)

The nautical software program NLTides – HP33D provides digital information on tidal heights and streams along the Dutch coast ...

Application | 25-04-2019

Digipilot HP1D

From 1 May 2018, Digipilot is no longer available. Please refer to HP1 Netherlands Coast Pilot combined with HP33 Waterstanden en ...

Application | 01-05-2018

Division of the Netherlands continental shelf

The Dutch continental shelf is divided into a grid of numbered blocks. These blocks are references for granting concessions for ...

Application | 30-04-2018


With the program Decca, you can convert between Decca lane counts and geographic or UTM coordinates. Calculations can be made in ...

Application | 30-04-2018

TSP 3.4.1.

The program TSP simplifies the maritime limits and zones available for download on our website. The program reduces the number of ...

Application | 30-04-2018

CNAV 4.1

With the program CNAV 4.1, you can make quick and accurate calculations for traditional navigation. This includes calculations of ...

Application | 30-04-2018

Download list of mobile drilling rigs (riglist).

A weekly overview of movable oil rigs in the North Sea will no longer be published in the NtM weekly; the riglist is cancelled. ...

Publication | 21-11-2017

Organization chart of the Ministry of Defence

In this document you can find the organization chart of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. 

Publication | 01-11-2017

Order of the day

Chief of Defence General Tom Middendorp resigned from his post this evening. He followed the example of Minister of Defence ...

Publication | 04-10-2017

Corporate video Royal Netherlands Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy, for peace and security at and from sea.

Video | 14-03-2017