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  1. HP2A - List of Lights of the Netherlands and adjacent areas

    The List of Lights provides an overview of coastal lights and fog signals, including separate chapters about AIS-beacons and ...

    Publication | 08-12-2022

  2. Download Measuring instruments list

    Summary of temporary measuring instruments in Dutch coastal waters, Dutch inland waters and adjacent foreign waters. Shipping is ...

    Publication | 08-12-2022

  3. Download Cumulative list

    List of Notices to Mariners applicable to the latest editions of the charts. Temporary and preliminary notices are not included ...

    Publication | 08-12-2022

  4. Download P and T Notices to Mariners

    Monthly summary of preliminary (P) and temporary (T) Notices to Mariners in force for Dutch charts.

    Publication | 08-12-2022

  5. Corrections HP1 - The Netherlands Coast Pilot

    In the Netherlands Coast Pilot (published in English), you will find detailed information about Dutch and Belgian coastal waters, ...

    Publication | 01-12-2022

  6. Catalogue - HP7

    The catalogue HP7 (edition 2022) provides an overview of all products  published or issued by the Hydrographic Service. 

    Publication | 18-08-2022

  7. HP2B - List of Lights of the Netherlands part of the Caribbean Sea

    The list of lights provides an overview of coastal lights and fog signals.

    Publication | 27-07-2022

  8. Download List of Depths

    Summary of the most recent water depths for a large number of navigable channels in the Wadden Sea area.

    Publication | 28-04-2022

  9. Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) Netherlands

    The zipfile contains the boundaries of the Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) the Wadden Sea. In 2002, the International ...

    Application | 23-02-2022

  10. Coastal waters according to the Water Framework Directive

    The zipfile contains the boundaries of the Coastal Waters according to the Water Framework Directive. This Directive specifies a ...

    Application | 23-02-2022