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  1. HP2B - List of Lights of the Netherlands part of the Caribbean Sea

    The list of lights provides an overview of coastal lights and fog signals.

    Publication | 27-07-2022

  2. Organization chart of the Ministry of Defence

    The organization chart of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. 

    Publication | 23-09-2021

  3. Division of the Netherlands continental shelf

    The Dutch continental shelf is divided into a grid of numbered blocks. These blocks are references for granting concessions for ...

    Application | 26-01-2021

  4. Visit to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

    Are you going tot visit a Netherlands Ministry of Defence site? In this video we will show you what steps you need to take before ...

    Video | 15-01-2021

  5. Ems-Dollard Treaty and supplementary agreement

    The zipfile ‘Ems-Dollard Treaty and supplementary agreement’ contains the Netherlands boundaries according to the 1960 ...

    Application | 24-12-2020

  6. DECCA

    With the program Decca, you can convert between Decca lane counts and geographic or UTM coordinates. Calculations can be made in ...

    Application | 30-04-2018

  7. TSP 3.4.1.

    The program TSP simplifies the maritime limits and zones available for download on our website. The program reduces the number of ...

    Application | 30-04-2018

  8. CNAV 4.1

    With the program CNAV 4.1, you can make quick and accurate calculations for traditional navigation. This includes calculations of ...

    Application | 30-04-2018

  9. Corporate video Royal Netherlands Navy

    The Royal Netherlands Navy, for peace and security at and from sea.

    Video | 14-03-2017

  10. Corporate video Royal Netherlands Navy (short version)

    The Royal Netherlands Navy, for peace and security at and from sea.

    Video | 14-03-2017