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A look at the Defence news 18 - 22 September

The disaster relief effort by Dutch, French and German military personnel to the Bahamas has ended. Following this initial ...

News item | 25-09-2019 | 17:04

Dutch personnel arrive in the Bahamas

Approximately 550 Dutch military personnel have arrived in the Bahamas. They have been tasked with providing disaster relief to ...

News item | 11-09-2019 | 22:15

Navy ships head for the Bahamas to provide disaster relief after hurricane Dorian

The Netherlands will provide the Bahamas with disaster relief following the widespread havoc wreaked by hurricane Dorian. The ...

News item | 06-09-2019 | 15:02

A look at the Defence news 30 July – 4 August

On 30 July, the Royal Netherlands Navy ship HNLMS Groningen intercepted 470 kilos of cocaine north of Aruba.

News item | 07-08-2019 | 15:58

A look at the Defence news 23 – 29 July

Last week, the Royal Netherlands Navy rescued two fishermen in the Caribbean. They had been drifting at sea for 18 days.

News item | 01-08-2019 | 09:03

A look at the Defence news 8 - 14 July

The wrecks of the submarines KXVII and O16 have disappeared. That was the message conveyed by the expeditionary team that visited ...

News item | 18-07-2019 | 13:52

A look at the Defence news 10 - 16 June

After a 3 year absence, the Royal Netherlands Air Force Days are back. Dutch air power presented itself to the general public at ...

News item | 19-06-2019 | 13:23

New at Defence: Netherlands Special Operations Command (video)

Special Operations Forces (SOF) are becoming increasingly important, yet at a national level this capability was until recently ...

News item | 07-12-2018 | 13:45

A look at the Defence news, 15 – 21 October

Earlier this week, the fuel systems of 2 Dutch F-35s were checked. The system of 1 aircraft was found to be not functioning ...

News item | 25-10-2018 | 12:04

A look at the Defence news 17 – 23 September

With 1,500 servicemen and servicewomen performing ceremonial tasks, the Defence organisation once again provided support on a ...

News item | 26-09-2018 | 15:00