A look at the Defence news 16 October – 22 October

The Terrier-Oriole, a medium-range ballistic missile, was racing through space at almost 15,000 kilometres an hour. The modified SMART-L radar made it possible for HNLMS De Ruyter to detect and track the missile, which had been launched as a training-exercise target. The crew of HNLMS De Ruyter very rapidly passed the information on to a US Navy ship, which eliminated the target.

De ballistische raket die de Amerikanen op basis van de Nederlandse informatie uit de lucht schoten.

The ballistic missile that the US military destroyed using information provided by Dutch personnel.

Almost two years ago, HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën did the same thing, and a US Navy ship likewise destroyed a missile in space using information provided by Dutch personnel. At that time, the missile was travelling at 7,000 kilometres an hour, whereas the more recent target was travelling almost twice as fast. Nevertheless, the Dutch crew detected the missile more quickly. Because of further development, the radar can now detect targets that are over 1,500 kilometres away. This greater range means considerably more time in which to respond.

Ministry of Defence wins award for purchasing sustainable textiles

The Defence Clothing and Personal Equipment Agency won a Procura Award this week in Tallinn, Estonia. This international award is given for sustainable procurement. The Clothing and Personal Equipment Agency purchased towels, wash cloths and overalls that contained at least 10% recycled post-consumer textile fibres. The agency won the award for its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Consideration for the environment rather than price was decisive during the procurement process.

The Ministry of Defence uses large quantities of textiles for clothing and other products. The ministry purchased 100,000 towels, 10,000 wash cloths and 53,000 green overalls. The towels and wash cloths contain 36% recycled post-consumer textile fibres. The corresponding figure for the overalls is 14%. The Clothing and Personal Equipment Agency is also encouraging suppliers to increase the level of recycled fibres in textiles.