If you want to stay informed about the latest developments in a particular area of interest, you can subscribe to one or more RSS feeds of the Ministry of Defence. You will then receive automatic updates about the latest news.

With RSS, you do not have to visit the same websites over and over again to see if any new items have been published online. You will automatically receive a notification when a new item is added.

The Ministry of Defence offers the following RSS feeds:

RSS feeds for news items

Requirements for making use of RSS feeds

To view the content of an RSS feed, you need an RSS reader or a web browser that supports RSS, such as Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer supports RSS in versions 7 and higher. You can also download an RSS reader for free.

An example of a good RSS reader for Windows is Feedreader 3, which is available for download on www.feedreader.com.

How to use a RSS feed

When you have installed an RSS reader, you can choose which RSS feeds to add.

This is how you add an RSS feed with Feedreader:

  • Go to the orange RSS button.
  • Right-click on ‘Add shortcut’.
  • Click on ‘Add new feed’, then click ‘Next’.
  • Name the RSS feed and click on ‘Finish’.

More information

More information about RSS is available on rss.startpagina.nl (in Dutch), where you can also find links to other RSS readers.