Crew member and passenger lists in commercial shipping and recreational boating

In commercial shipping and recreational boating, the captains of vessels are subject to the border control process enforced in Dutch ports. When maritime vessels enter and leave the Netherlands, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Seaport Police check the details of all crew members and passengers.

Provision of digital crew member and passenger lists ensures the quick processing of information. You are therefore requested to provide the required information in digital form, as far as possible.

Commercial shipping

Captains of vessels in commercial shipping must submit the details of crew members and passengers via the IMO Crew-Passenger list.

The IMO Crew-Passenger list user guide will help you to fill in the details correctly.

For border control purposes, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the Netherlands Seaport Police use Maritime Single Window (MSW). They also make use of the Advanced Passenger Information System (API system) and the Seaport Information System (ZUIS). The crew and passenger lists you submit via the IMO Crew Passenger list will be entered into these systems.

Recreational boating

Captains of vessels in recreational boating must submit the details of crew members and passengers to the Maritime Back Office via the following form:

Registering crew members or passengers with visa requirement

Crew members or passengers who require a visa must be registered via a separate form:

Crew members or passengers requiring a visa must apply for a visa prior to their journey at the Dutch Embassy in their country of origin.

2 marechaussees check the member and passenger list of a ship.
Maritime control in the port of Scheveningen.

Port border control

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee conducts border control at most maritime border crossing points in the Netherlands. In the port of Rotterdam, border control is conducted by the Rotterdam-Havens border crossing point of the Rotterdam Seaport Police.

Vessel notification at large ports

When calling at one of the following ports, you will be dealing with a border crossing point. You must inform the port of your crew and passengers.

Amsterdam Rotterdam
Den Helder Schiedam
Dordrecht Vlaardingen
Eemshaven Maassluis
Europoort Rozenburg
Harlingen Botlek- and Europoort-area
Hoek van Holland Hellevoetsluis
IJmuiden Stellendam and Capelle a/d IJssel
Moerdijk Krimpen a/d IJssel
Scheveningen Slikkerveer
Terneuzen Ridderkerk

Vessel notification at small ports

From 21 December 2019, commercial shipping arriving from outside the European Union must also inform the port of their crew and passengers when calling at a small port in the Netherlands.