Bronbeek Museum

Bronbeek is the Netherlands' colonial museum. It shines a light on Dutch colonial history. The museum focuses on the government's influence on colonial society and the actions of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL).


Bronbeek, in those days going by the name of Royal Military Home for the Disabled, already received gifts from the public before it was officially established in 1863. It also received donations from the Royal Family and several ministries. In this way a very diverse collection was created, comprising:

  • weapons, uniforms and KNIL decorations;
  • Dutch East Indies military heritage;
  • paintings;
  • photos;
  • documents;
  • ethnographical objects (popular art). 

Do you wish to donate something?

Gifts make up part of Bronbeek Museum's collection. If you consider donating an object, please contact the museums curator, e-mail: