Curaçaoan and Aruban military personnel

Aruba and Curaçao both have professional Caribbean military units: the Curmil (Curaçaoan military personnel) and Arumil (Aruban military personnel). They serve the Curaçaoan or Aruban authorities and work for the Defence organisation in the Caribbean.

Curaçaoan and Aruban military personnel are increasingly deployed to support the local authorities.


The Suffisant Naval Barracks and the Savaneta Marine Barracks provide training for the Curaçaoan and Aruban military personnel.

The participants are provided with the same type of training as the training given in the Netherlands, Basic Military Training (Elementaire Militaire Vorming/EMV). Subsequently, they can follow the secondary vocational training to become a corporal, just as in the Netherlands.